Monday, March 30, 2009

Splendid Isolation.

The clouds just sat on us... for two days. Mist and fog and rain.

Made for some interesting shooting.


  1. MK,

    Nice. That is really one for the portfolio!

    Is this a self portrait? I can't tell.

    Been working my tail off down this way- back to back Powwows in Denver and Durango and a full week at the Colorado State Capitol.

    Check out the Drum this week if you get a chance.

    I'm off to the Grand Canyon on Weds- should be some nice shooting, spring weather, stormy horizons!

    Hope all is well!

    Cheers, Jeremy

  2. Thanks guys.

    Yep, that's me. Couldn't find a model up there!

  3. sweet stuff... love it, love it, love it.

  4. Thanks Leslie. Very moving piece you posted the other day.

  5. The slideshow? Thanks. I used MS movie maker. Very easy to use.