Thursday, April 2, 2009

Springtime in Washington.

Yes, the Tidal Basin is all abloom (ablossomed?) with our favorite Japanese Cherry Trees. I last strolled around down there a couple years ago with my main man, a very 'insiteful' artist, (and brand new papa!) Matt Hood. We got up at "Oh my fucking god!" o'clock and caught a beautiful sunrise over the Jefferson Memorial then watched as the Gooolden Ooorb (sorry, inside joke.) bathed the cherry trees in a spectacular warm light.

Eh... Not so much this time around. The morning was overcast with intermittent light drizzle. That's OK though. I wanted to approach this supremely over-photographed subject and make it mine! Not too sure this was accomplished. But I did at least try.



  1. Very nice. Actually you don't usually get to see the blossoms in the rain because we normally have one big spring thunderstorm that brings them all down. Nice contrast of dreary day and bright blossoms.

  2. Dreary and bright... works for me!

    Thanks Les.

  3. I'm trying to dicide... I love the motion in most of the images but I'm sure you already know that. And I like the attempt to shoot the blossoms in a unique way (I'm sooo tired of seeing cherry blossom photos) I just can't decide if I like the blown out look. Leaves me wondering what some post processing contrast might do or maybe using that coklin ND filter of yours. On the other hand that may just change them back into the every day blossom photo.

    None the less my comments are only meant to be constructive. Overall I like the images.


  4. Here's what happened. I went down there on Thursday and thought I'd try something different. Blown out/motion/high contrast thing. Took a couple shots and didn't like the way they looked on the back of the camera. So I went back to just shooting straight. Got home and saw the "experimental" images on the computer and thought, hey not too bad! Kind of weird but more interesting then the straight shots. So I went back Friday and shot 120 images that way.

    Can you imagine them in Washingtonian? Or the Post? Heh! Ah well. It was fun.


  5. See the story behind them makes even that much better.

  6. MK,

    These pics are making me cold man!

    All & All I really dig the first two images- nice feel to them.

    Just returned from an epic adventure in the lands of Arizona, also frigid this time of year, which makes for less tourist traffic & beautiful skies!

    It was great! VR lens worked like a charm too...

    Cheers, Jeremy

  7. Jeremy! Glad to see you back.

    Can't wait to see the AZ pics.