Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes... just lucky!

On occasion I do work for a florist in Alexandria VA: HelenOlivia.  Shooting arrangements in-store or on location at events. Recently, Marianne asked me to do a portrait for her new blog. We kept it pretty casual, using window light and existing overhead track lighting... no strobes, she is quite the blinker!

Anyway, while I was setting up I noticed a cool shadow on the wall that was not there just minutes before. The sun had just peeped out and was reflecting off the windshield of a car in the parking lot next door. It was at that moment perfectly redirected in through a window that happened to have a plant sitting in it. How cool is that? I brought Marianne over, put her against the wall and wouldn't you know one of the overhead lights was in the perfect position as well?! Just the right amount of warm light highlighting her hair. I shot off a few frames, then the sun ducked back behind the clouds. The pattern on the wall was gone.

This is my favorite from the set.

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