Friday, January 9, 2009

Then and Now # 2.

On September 17, 1862 just outside of Sharpsburg, MD a 12 hour battle between Lee's and McClellan's armies raged. Nearly 100,000 men engaged.  23,000 perished. 12 hours. 23,000 dead. Lovely.

Below is a photo taken by Alexander Gardner, one of Matthew Brady's many charges traveling up and down the east coast with huge cameras and portable dark rooms making photographs of the carnage.

I found myself up there today and thought it another opportunity to add to my Then and Now series. (Since this is only the second one can I really call it a series yet?)

The trees behind the church in today's photo are mere saplings compared to the original, and there is the obvious telephone pole and electrical wires marring the view. However, the foreground isn't nearly as cluttered as the original. So there's that!



  1. I assume you read about the bones of a New Yorker found up there in October. Amazing that their still digging things up 147 years later.

    Anyway, that is a fantastic photo and I love the “then and now” concept especially with this subject matter. I was up there a year ago this past summer - drove around and took a few shots. I need to get back up there when the weather gets better.


  2. No kidding?! I have to be honest, I hadn't heard that. But I was thinking today--as I was reading up on all this--there were many on-site burials immediately after the battle. They eventually reintered the vast majority but how many did they miss? Apparently... some!

    I'm off to look up that new find now.