Sunday, January 4, 2009


On the east coast of Florida in the month of August the Turtle Patrol is busy... very busy. Loggerhead turtle nests are still popping up overnight, and the indefatigable scientists and volunteers that monitor them are found each morning doing the work that needs to be done. Looking for new nests and for signs of escaped hatchlings. Digging up and counting hatched and unhatched eggs.

This threatened species returns every year despite the continued massive build up on the shores of this southeastern coastal State. Lights have been blacked out, nests are staked and dated, volunteers stroll the beach keeping a watchful eye. Mindful that maybe 1 in 10,000 will make it to adulthood, they too return every season to give the little buggers an assist.

Despite all the dangers, the obstacles, the turtles come back. The Turtle Patrol's buggies are constant reminders that something special is taking place along these shores. Female loggerhead tracks can sometimes be seen early in the morning, before the crowds and high tides arrive. And if you're really vigilant.. and lucky!... you can even catch a glimpse of a few hatchlings!

Loggerhead hatchling.

Tracks to and from nest.

Turtle Patrol.


  1. Nice Closing shot! You are certainly making me miss the Ocean right about now!

    Have you been keeping up with Burn Magazine?

    It looks sharp nand is further "showcasing" the work of so many of those who were regulars on "road trip" threads...

    check it out for sure!

    Cheers, Jeremy

  2. Yep! I check BURN every now and again. Great stuff! I like Panos's work. It's pretty gritty, and since I knew him when... well, he's really made leaps and bounds from his humble beginnings.

    You going to contribute?

  3. Yes indeed, well at least I plan to submit! I am searching my soul for the perfect single image worthy of Harvey's attention. I have a few ideas, but no final decision...

    Just checked out you main website, the "published works" section is now fully realized! Very nice...ever evolving of course!

    Nice bio too...Cheers Amigo

  4. Thanks brother.

    You and Rob were strong advocates for a bio and it took a while to get it done, but finally did... so thanks.

    You've got plenty that's worth Harvey's attention, of course. But I understand looking deep for that heartfelt, passionate shot. Take your time... but go for it!