Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Tonight's forecast: 19 degrees F. Possibly some snow. The high temp for the next few days won't make it out of the twenties. Snow expected over the weekend. Upper Midwest is getting hammered with tons of the white stuff and temps 20 below! Northeast, not looking much better.

Yep... thinkin' about the summer.


  1. MK, I think you could really go to town w/ the "Then & Now" shots around DC...I could see you taking an old "formal" pictures of monument/street scene, and then juxtaposing it with a dynamic , well lit, evening/night shot that includes lots of people, motion blur etc, images like you brought back from Paris! I see this sorta shot in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER alot!

  2. Wimp!!!!

    Hey where's your Great Falls pics from the other day... ;-)