Saturday, July 19, 2008


Just going through some old images this weekend. Reminded me of the days when I didn't look at the back of my camera immediately after each shot! Heh-heh.

For those interested: Velvia 100F slide film. Nikon F100 or F3. 70-300mm, 60mm micro, and 105mm. (I think!)



  1. Hey Mike were they Full Frame slides or 1.5x cropped slides? :-p

  2. Yeah, I'd love to know the reason(s) behind the whole smaller sensors thing. Technical limitations? Lack of imagination? Random act of stupidity? Genuinely curious.

  3. That's okay Mike this ole point and shoot lady still can't remember I actually can look at the back of the camera to find out if I got the subject of my picture somewhere in the frame. I mean doesn't one have to wait until the film is developed to discover you have a great picture of your foot? LOL

  4. Working in the darkroom and having film developed share an almost magical quality that seems to "belong" to the process in my mind. I miss that process, the element of a well disguised gift from someone who knows you well! It was/is the product of our Labor..The Fruit!

    The "Digi" process is I often push my self to exhaustion both in the field and on the computer. In the field, I often feel, if I haven't got the's only cause I didn't push myself a bit further. but the reality is the picture is there, or it's not, along w/ the light and so many other elements. Shooting w/ confidence and moving on "regardless" was easier to do when I only has a few rolls of film in my bag. The "fruit" was Sweeter!

  5. Jeremy,

    Yep! I truly miss driving back from the lab holding up individual slides for a quick peek...swerving all over the road, horns honking! It was great!

    Aunt Jeanmarie,

    Exactly. Waiting for the film to be developed at least gave us a few days of bliss anticipating the shot we actually never got!