Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Post Processing

Today we're just having a little fun with post processing. In reality, I'm not a big fan of it. I like to get it right in-camera. But every now and again it's fun to just mess around with an image you don't have any real emotional attachment to and just see what you can do.

Here we have one of the many shots I took at Mont Saint Michel in Normandie. The first is how it came out of camera. Frankly it's a little dull, a tad underexposed. So I brought up the exposure and gave it a more dynamic custom curve (which is to say I gave it more contrast), and even bumped up the saturation a little. Makes it kind of postcardish, eh?

I then decided to go all sepia on it. Again, I had to increase the exposure about two thirds of a stop, then more contrast, then your basic sepia toggle. Now if I had real, mad photoshop skills I could really give it that old timey, crinkled, scratched look...but alas, I don't. This is about the best I can do.

Anyway, here are the pics...or, here is the pic with three different "treatments."



  1. I don't have mad PS skills and I'm still in that learning mode. But I had a little fun with your photo. Hope you don't mind.

  2. that last frame kind of looks a little "Lord of the Ringsish"..pretty cool....

  3. I'm pretty sure I saw Dumbledore there...oh wait, that's Harry Potter! Heh-heh...