Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daniel and Jessie.

After a two week east coast journey that took them from DC to Boston and back again; that found them crashing at various friends and relatives homes, on floors, couches, futons and even the occasional bed; that had them attending games at National's Park, Camden Yards, Citizen's Bank Park (what an absolutely horrible name for a baseball stadium!), Shea Stadium, Yankees Stadium, and Fenway Park; that saw them partying til all hours in various joints in various places... the couple is now on their way back to the great Northwest.

Can't speak for everybody, but Rachel and Jessica and I loved the time we had with them and can't wait to have them back. Safe trip guys!



  1. MK,

    Nice picture! ... if you get my drift.


  2. It is a nice pic! Thanks again. It fits in quite nicely with all others in our home.