Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wildlife Series #2

The American Bison.
Bison bison.
If you'd like to listen to a Bison's grunt, just click here. (It actually sounds not all that different from my snoring! Yes...I know what you're thinking..."That Rachel is a lucky woman!")

I shot this fellow while at a workshop in Jackson Hole, WY. Actually he was a part of a huge herd. But then so was I! All around me were dorky little photogs like me snapping away in all directions. Must have been a truly ridiculous sight.

These beasts are very unpredictable. Seemingly mellow, peaceful one moment, the next they decide they don't really appreciate just how close you've gotten and whamo!'re twenty feet in the air then mercilessly stomped into the dirt! I was nervously on the alert for this possibility the entire time. I had the distinct impression few other photographers were, though, which made me even more nervous. Nevertheless, I--like all the others--continued to shoot away. I was at least using a 300mm lens, which puts some distance between the photographer and the twitchy beast.

Thankfully, none of them became irritated enough to go all postal on us. We all got our adrenaline rushes and our portfolio shots!

Very exhilarating.

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