Friday, May 16, 2008

New Series...Wildlife!

OK, so I thought I'd try a new series. A photo a day (or whenever I get around to it.) with a little commentary about who, what, where, when. The first theme of this series is "Wildlife." And the first creature is...

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.
Crotelus atrox.

Click here to hear this rattler!

I had been hoping to see/photograph a rattlesnake while we were out west. Several days went by. Looking here, looking there...nothing.

At the Pecos National Historical Park, however, we were told to keep an eye out. Apparently, other visitors had seen them a little earlier. Well, we walked around looking under rocks, in the shade of little bushes and cacti and had just about given up when Rachel calls out, "I think I see one!" And sure enough, there it was, cooling itself in the shady part of an ancient Kiva. (Click here to see what a Kiva is.)

And yes, I did actually consider climbing down in there in the hopes of getting close enough to have it rise up and start rattling...but thought better of it. I still get a little jazzed looking at this photo. My first ever rattlesnake. Didn't see another one the whole trip, though. Must go back!



  1. Mike,

    How awesome. I know a few Beaver boys who would have gone down there to get the rattler going.


  2. Sweet shot..I like the depth of field, texture. I feel this photo!

    Looking forward to catching up over beers when I get to DC. Enthusiasm IS after all contagious! ...and who can't use a little more of that?!

    Keep it up. JWS

  3. PK,

    Without a doubt! Maybe we should make the next big family vacation in New Mexico!?


    Can't wait to see you! Great little Irish pub not far from where you're staying. Will talk soonest! (as DAH like to say)