Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wildlife Series #3

Alces alces.

Moose sounds? You know what to do... click here.

Still in Jackson Hole. Different day. Wet, cold, in search of big creatures. This guy was just sitting around, waiting out the rain. Next to me was (were?) four or five other photographers. I was driving by and noticed them standing out in this field, about a hundred yards from the road. Though I couldn't see what had their attention, I figured it was worth the stop.

I stood with them and shot on and off for about 30 minutes. The moose only moved to put his head down or lift it up to look around at the curious humans and their tripods. After I left one of the remaining photographers got a shot of him standing and shaking off the rain. I saw the photo. Water droplets spraying all around. It was a winner.

With wildlife photography patience is everything!

Next up in the series: Great Blue Heron.


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