Monday, May 5, 2008

Mid Day Shooting.

This picture was taken at 12:05 PM. Bright sunny day at noon...the absolute worse time to make a photograph...EVER!

That is, unless you are aware of the difficulties and try to overcome them.

If I had exposed solely for the sky, the fisherman would have been too dark. If I exposed for fisherman, the sky would have been totally blown out, overexposed.

What I actually did was spot metered the blue part of the sky and just went with that reading...which in this case was 250th of a sec @ f 6.3. (ISO 100.) I then popped a flash in there for a little fill light. Help balance things out.

To be honest, I wasn't too sure I liked the overall photograph even after all that. But John said he thought it was cool. So this is for him!



  1. I like it too Mike and thank you for this very timely post. I struggled with this exact thing all weekend and I'm looking for ways to compensate for the issue. Ironically, I used the technique you described on a couple of occasions and from the LCD on the camera they looked pretty good. I haven't had time, nor disk space to download the cards yet so once I do I’ll post a few assuming the look good on the big screen.

  2. Thanks.

    Well, your LCD is so nice I'll bet they look just as good on the comp as well. Look forward to seeing them.

  3. We'll see. The LCD is still very difficult to see in sunlight. :(

    I did a few bracketed shots too so I could play around a bit with HDR. We'll see what turns out. Right now I'm moving files around so I have enough space to work on the new images.

  4. Oooohhhh spot metered... I love it when you talk camera.