Friday, May 9, 2008

They Are The Champions!

So...I went to a baseball game armed only with a 20mm lens. Not a 200mm...a 20mm! Hey, I like a challenge!

Oh! And by the way... DeMatha beat Ireton for the Championship! 11 to 4 oops...11 to 3! Not bad. Congrats to my boys, Matt and Kevin! Thanks to Chris for informing me it was indeed the deciding Championship game! And for teaching me the finer points of the game as it went along.

Also, a little shout out to Kenny and Mary for being such a cute fucking couple! (Really, it's kinda gross how sweet they are!) Nice seeing you too Alyssa. Next time don't be a stranger!

Most importantly, though, is a big loving thanks to Paula and Ken (for the millionth time) for giving us Kenny, Chris, Matt and Kevin. No joke, you two done good. Lots o' Love.

OK...that's enough mushy crap! Here are the photos. Hope you like.


  1. Fantastic as usual... Great to see a different perspective then what most of us who shoot sports usual capture.

    I'm sure all the images are different but in general what settings did you use camera and flash?

    Oh and BTW I see Paula has pretty good taste in camera equipment. ;-)

  2. Thanks man! You'll be pleased to know it was me who suggested that camera to her.