Saturday, December 11, 2010

Workin' Hard!

Down at the river working on a (semi) new project. Hopeful it'll be seen (prominently!) sometime after the New Year. Will let you know.


  1. Can't wait. Looks cool. I wish I had time for a project... I sure could use one.

  2. Good morning gentlemen! And thanks.

    Rob... Your project, should you choose to accept it, is "5 Minutes Per Day." In the house, backyard, leaving a client's office, grocery store... where ever you happen to find yourself. Smallest camera you have, keep it close to you. Could be interesting! (?)


  3. LOL... As I said, if I only had 5 minutes. ;-)

    I actually have been playing with the Driod camera but it is so bad most of what I shoot is pure garbage, or good for Facebook only.

    BTW: we bought Caroline a "real" camera for Xmas. I think she's going to be thrilled. I hope. ;-)