Monday, September 13, 2010

Marathon in the Parks

So... a bunch of runners marathoned through my neighborhood the other day. The Parks Half-Marathon. Fifth year in a row. 13 miles of shin-splinting, meniscus tearing brutality. Well, that's the way I would characterize it, but about 2000 other people see it differently. Many actually find it quite the enjoyable experience! OK, then...

I went down there this year to see what kind of shots I could come away with. It was rainy and cool. The runners were amazing. Dedicated organizers and volunteers lined the course, which runs from Rockville to Bethesda, MD. Much of it through large swaths of Rock Creek Park. (hence, the name)

Good time. Photographs below:


  1. Mike, This is certainly a fresh essay on an oft photographed subject, nice use of motion and detail!

    Are these shot on primes or telephoto?

    - Jeremy

  2. Thanks man!

    These were shot with my two monster workhorses:
    17-35mm f2.8
    70-200mm f2.8

    Hard to keep up with everyone running around with those big ass lenses on two cameras. Got a hell of a workout that morning!