Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Farm Women's Co-operative Market

A new Maryland Life is out today. One of the featured articles is on the Farm Women's Market in Bethesda. This venerable co-op has been around since the '30s, many of the stalls passed down generations. Yours truly provided the photography that accompanies the tastefully written story by Renee Sklarew.

Pick up a copy, won't you?



  1. Life has been good, very busy; work, getting kids back to school, etc... between it all I have been able to get the camera out, some of which I've posted to my blog. Some I think you'll appritiate, some maybe not so much. ;-) There's even some stuff I shot a while back that I actualy was paid for shooting.

  2. Boy that last sentence is so much worse then usual. ;-) let me try that again.

    There is even some stuff, from a while back, that I was actualy paid for shooting.

  3. Funny! And boy do I know what that's like. I read and re-read my posts and comments with an almost ADHD-like compulsion and still am able to sound like a doofus! ;^}

  4. Trust me dude its impossible to proof read you're own work. I still go back to old blog posts and correct mistyped words and misspellings. ;-) In any event check out my blog when you get a chance. Doesn't look like you've been there in a while.

  5. Burn 01 just hit the market...pricey yes..but hopefully worth every cent!

    Just put in my order! Gotta support the cause...

    Cheers, Jeremy