Monday, June 21, 2010

Washington DC Triathlon 2010




This was my first triathlon. Photography wise of course... not participating! Although by the end of the event, I felt I had. Keeping up with the athletes in the hot-humid summer air of DC as they transitioned from swimmer to biker to runner made for quite the mini-marathon itself. Kind of fun actually.

Also, as a huge fan of our National Park system it was gratifying to discover that the Washington, DC Triathlon takes place almost exclusively on Park grounds. From the Potomac River near the Memorial Bridge and Lincoln Memorial to the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial to the Washington Monument and the National Mall, not to mention a significant portion of Rock Creek Park, these amazing (insane?) athletes made good use of a small segment of our vast Park system. Yet another reason to maintain generous funding for these treasures.

Great challenge, great venue. Can't wait until next year!

More images tomorrow.


  1. Gah - you forgot the "period" after the word Bike at the beginning :-) (I'm such a nitpicker). But the shots are great!!!