Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scenes From The City

Washington DC.

Metro, Capitol Hill, downtown, museums. Tourists, workers, activist and protesters, politicians.

Alive, vibrant.


  1. Awesome series and like the flow of how the pics are presented. 2nd to last might be the favorite though it's hard to decide. Each one holds interest on its own. (You gotta love the outfit of the dressy woman next to the soldier.) Dude at the metro is awesome too. Hard to decide.

  2. One, Three and Six are awesome...nice stuff here Mike! It was certainly good to catch up in person the other day, with some more time, we could have really hit the streets of Philadelphia with cameras ~ Rain Check. -Jeremy

  3. Thanks everyone.

    Jeremy, Next time for sure!

  4. Finally catching up on your work, and especially love this portfolio. Great light, compositions, moments captured... makes me miss DC!! Thanks for keeping me updated Mike-- hope we can work with you again soon.

  5. Amy! Thanks for taking the time. And you know I hope for the same thing. Will talk with you soon.