Saturday, May 22, 2010

Many Uses of The "Shoot Through" Umbrella.

Groovy discovery. Decided to grab a quick portrait of my niece. Dark, foreboding, storm clouds as backdrop. Ran inside, got the SB800 and a shoot-through umbrella. Set the flash to full power, used the on-camera flash as a trigger, under exposed the sky by about 2 stops, held the flash and umbrella in my left hand and made a few photographs.

Love the chocolate smudges.

The rain soon began to fall, my niece said she needed to be under the umbrella, I held the umbrella over her head and suddenly thought, Hmmm... this could be a shot. Even though it's a "shoot-through" umbrella there was more than enough bounce-back to create this image.

Will be using this technique more often.

You don't necessarily need to stop shooting even when you think you've got the shot. You just never know.


  1. Love the first one!!! Second is cool too.

    Gonna have to try it if I can muster up a willing model. I've been out of commission for a while (life has been way to busy) but its time to get back to it. I keep saying, maybe next month. ;-)

    I always love discovering thing by accident. I must finish a blog entry regarding white balance and an issue I discovered shooting Amanda's last show. Look for it soon, I hope. :)

  2. Thanks stranger!

    Hope all is well. Let me know if and when you post something.


  3. Everything is cool... Just extremely busy... Haven't had much time to pick up the camera other than for Caroline's Softball games. Haven't shot anything for myself in what seems like several months. Must rectify this problem in the very near future or I fear my head my explode. ;-)

    Working on a post as I type this so look for it soon assuming I don't get interrupted before I'm done. :)