Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Then and Now #7

I found this first image in my files recently and completely forget where I got it from or who shot it or when it was. I am still looking for that info and will report back soon. Meantime, hope you enjoy this installment of "Then and Now."

The Washington Monument is obvious, of course. On the right is the Museum of Natural History, on the left (you can just barely see it) is the Smithsonian Institution castle. The immediate foreground looks to be the Arboretum. Middle ground... no idea. Will update as soon as I can.


Update: Narrowed it down to early 1920s. (late teens, maybe) Buildings in the middle ground are likely USDA greenhouses.

Oh yeah, then there's mine. Shot from a Cessna 175, my friend Jal Mistry as pilot, Blackhawk helicopter shadowing us all the way. Fun!

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