Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This blog post today has no other purpose than to gratuitously brag about some really cool flights I've taken in the past. As some of you may or may not know, DC since Sept 11th has been pretty much designated off limits. The fifteen mile radius out from National Airport is under a Flight Restricted Zone. Only people in and out are major airlines, military, and those lucky enough to be granted a waiver. On occasion, I've fallen into that category.

Last couple years I've flown with an outstanding pilot, Jal Mistry. (see below) We've had great fun and a few adventures...but never in countless flights did I ever feel uncomfortable or had any reason to question his judgements. A man of great yet quiet confidence, you someday may find yourself being shuttled back and forth from Boston or NY and DC with Mr. Mistry up front. Be glad about that!

Anyway, just a couple pics. First is National Airport. Yes, The National Airport! We flew right over top of it! Think about it, huge airliners taking off and landing, where would you want to be?

Next is a shot of the National Mall. Washington Monument and The Capitol Building stand out.

Finally, my man Jal. Not only is he an excellent pilot, but he is always willing to help me get the shot. In this case, I asked him to put the plane in a steep bank so we could see the ground below us. What you see is part of North Beach's Galesville's harbor and the Chesapeake Bay.

Pretty cool, huh?


  1. North Beach has a harbor? Who knew? ;-) Next time you’re going to fly over the harbor or go down to the harbor let me know. You can take me with you and point it out. :-)

  2. Thanks.

    After an extensive Google Maps search I've determined we were a tad north of North Beach. Clearly looks more like Galesville. Probably would have helped if I had actually spent any time in North Beach. Ah well...

    Anyway, correction made!

  3. what a handsome pilot-- and single, too, I believe.

    Nice pics Mike-- you are a very easy photographer to fly with!

    This web-blog is awesome by the way-- I check in every week or so to read it!


  4. Jal!

    Good to hear from you brother. Thanks for the nice words.

    And...single? How the hell can that possibly be? Don't think for a second that Rachel won't dork out and start lining up possible women! Be forewarned!

    Seriously, hope all is well. Talk soon.


  5. As soon as I read Jal's comment about being single, of course I thought of the hot, smart, hilarious women I know who are available, and prepared to post something. And THEN I read MK's post about me dorking out. So this means I'm predictable but who cares because Jal could come away from this very happy. MK, did you ever think your photo blog would be competition for And more importantly, you didn't think I read your blog, did you?

  6. LOL...sounds like you're busted MK....
    I was standing on the pier in Galesville, probably about the same time this shot was taken....if you were a tad quicker on the trigger, I might have made one of your shots..!!!!..( I coulda been famous..!!!!...oh well..)
    Awesome site my friend, but don't teach people too much...Joe S., ABI

  7. those are like postcard pix! LOVE them!