Friday, December 11, 2009

National Parks Magazine.

So, a pretty groovy thing happened recently. The NPCA magazine, National Parks, won an award from Folio. Turns out it was the issue in which my story about wounded veterans appeared. The Winter 2009 issue.

Acclaimed conservation photographer Ian Shive has the issue's cover story about the search-and-rescue team in Denali National Park and Reserve. There are also articles about wild flowers, about wildlife surviving the desert heat, and about Dry Tortugas N.P.

Amy Marquis, assistant editor and writer for the magazine, worked tirelessly with me on the veterans story (keeping me in line, always steering in the right direction!) in addition to writing it. She also penned a history of the White House for that same issue.

Anyway, this is just my way of expressing my deep appreciation and gratitude to NPCA and National Parks magazine for all they do for our National Parks system, and for giving me the opportunity to briefly take part. Quite an honor.

Equally as important, though, was the privilege of getting to know and photograph the folks at Team River Runner and the many vets they regularly assist. An inspiring bunch, all!



  1. MK,

    This is a very strong piece, I like seeing it up here...perhaps You'll have a hard copy still kickin' around by the time I make it back out to the DC area-there is nothing like seeing the real deal in print.
    Always pleasing, to me those images become permanent, archived, a part of the historical, artistic record!

    Long live photojournalism & the printed media with which we have come to depend on & enjoy.

    Well done Mike.....

    Cheers, Jeremy

  2. That really means a lot Jer! Thanks.

  3. The weather report shows that you guys in the DC area really got pounded with snow...that must make for some spectacular imagery around the Potomac River!

    Hope all is well- Cheers, Jeremy