Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Touch of Autumn

Late October at C&O Canal National Historical Park.

Light rain and mist, good colors, a little wildlife and a self portrait.



  1. MK,

    Very nice work, first & third are my favorites. I can sense what it might be like there in the late season from these images, cool and misty, with a strong, yet pleasant smell of decay .....serene!


  2. Michael, I prefer the way you shoot Bambi vs. your brother.

    Gorgeous pictures!

    Aunt Teresa

  3. MK,

    How wide of a lens did you use to shoot this last picture- the self portrait?

    I am still rolling around the idea of a super wide lens to open up my landscapes!

    Cheers, Jeremy

  4. Hey Jer,

    That was my 17-35 at 17mm. I think it has roughly the field of view of a 24mm with my D200 (same with a D90).

  5. And just for comparison, the top photo was at 35mm and the falls w/tree was 200mm! All kinds of landscape possibilities. ;^}

  6. Right on - Thanks Mike...

    Not much wider than my 18-105mm "workhorse" lens.....

    I am still excited about getting back out to the deserts & canyons w/ an ultrawide! Especially a spot like Horseshoe Bend, to be able to really translate the vastness of that view!

    Cheers, Jeremy