Monday, June 22, 2009

Kodachrome 64... No More...

It was inevitable, really. The Godfather of transparency films is being snuffed out! Kodachrome will no longer be available after this Fall. (Story)

Kind of a shame. But oh well... a photographer continues moving on. Bigger, badder sensors, and custom curves and all that.

But just for old times sake here's a shot of my big brother with a "trophy" bass from the Greenbrier River in WV. (ca 1973.) Good times. Great film.

"Kodachrome... they gives us those nice bright colors, gives us the greens of summer, makes you think all the world's a sunny day... Oh yeah."



  1. Is that a Paul Simon verse I just read...?

    Times they are a changin'....... -Dylan

  2. Yep... 'twas Simon!

    Did you see where McCurry is going to shoot the last rolls produced and donate the images? Look forward to that!

  3. Where's this at?


    Steve will be showing at the Open Shutter this fall in Durango, and is rumored to make a personal appearance!

    Lookin' forward to that!

  4. Jeremy,

    I had the wrong link... now fixed it. Click on the word "story."

  5. Much cooler than the "Times" article...!