Saturday, June 20, 2009


Have you ever noticed how many red shirts or jackets appear in photographs of people out enjoying nature? No accident. Red, being a pretty dominant and powerful color, also happens to be the complimentary (opposite) color of green. Aesthetically, there are few things more pleasing then seeing a vivid splash of red in a verdant forest.

In fact, in the '50s and '60s National Geographic photographers often carried with them red scarves or shirts for use when the color didn't happen to be around "naturally." (That practice, today, is frowned upon but likely not strictly enforced... if you know what I mean!)

Every now and then you do get lucky, though. I was making my rounds down at the canal yesterday when in the distance I saw this fellow on a bike headed my way. I quickly got myself into position, composed the shot, then waited for him to enter the scene.

Looking at it now, I think I should have laid flat on the ground. This would have eliminated the light brown path he's riding on. It's a bit of a distraction I think. Ah well, next time!



  1. Very cool image. It was a great day even though Caroline and I were only there for part of it. I did finally post up images to my blog.

  2. How 'bout this one!

    It's Harvey's cover shot from the Geographic story on CUBA....question is did Harvey ever carry red, or just a deep sense of color, perception, and open eyes. I believe the latter!

  3. If I remember the story he told about this one it is the latter. The kid was just coming from a birthday pool party... and as you know finding the color red in Cuba is hardly difficult.