Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Totally Doing This When I Die!

This is Grover Krantz and his dog Clyde. According to most accounts I've read, Grover was a brilliant, though fairly eccentric, anthropologist. (One of his hobbies was hunting Sasquatch. Seriously.) Anyway, in 2002, after learning he had cancer he decided that he'd like to donate his bones to the Smithsonian Institution. The one condition, however, was that they take his dog as well. They did. And you can see them there today in a very cool display.

OK, so I probably won't end up in a display case at the Museum of Natural History, but the possibility of helping science even a little bit beats lying in a pine box in the ground for eternity. Doesn't it?


  1. You won't catch me dead in any kind of box in the ground. Now way. No how!!!

    Cool shot and interesting subject matter.

    My last effort was Richmond last weekend. So/So results. It's time to seriously look into full access photo passes.


  2. Full access, huh? How much is that?

  3. MK,
    Nice one-I really like the motion of the passing figure, it really adds another perspective to this image!

    I have been shooting like crazy for the Drum, falling behind on personal projects- would very much like to get some work up tonight.

    Check out Randy Olsen/Melissa Farlow "photoshelter" site....

    Bad ass eh!

    Heading to Northen Ute reservation near Vernal, Utah for annual Bear dance and Powwow this weekend, should be an exciting, and very cultural experince. The Ute Bear Dance itself is off limits to most media, but I should have some access to what has been dubbed the oldest living Native American traditional ceremony still celebrated.

    Talk soon,

    Cheers, Jeremy

  4. That sounds great Jeremy! Good luck up there. Let's chat soon.

    Will check out the link, too.


  5. It's not a matter of how much, it's a matter of who you know or what press agency or paper you can get to vouch for you. You know what that means... Shooting for someone other than me.

  6. But then I suspect you already knew this. ;-)