Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chasing Bubbles.

playful innocence
the gamboling sprite
cheerful, brimming with glee
impishly giggles to the delight
of familial woodland attendants


  1. Mike,

    What's up brother! Been super busy on this end- in a good way for sure.

    Remember that super fancy VR lens I bought (16-85mm)? It was deemed defective after all, and with a store credit totaling over six hundred, I pulled together some more resources and ordered a camera Instead! All is well that ends well I say...and in this case I certainly came out on top!

    Vibration reduction in Nikkor lenses is truly technology at it's best.

    I ask you this, will we ever see it in the primes? A small, compact 24mm fixed lens with VR, a street photographers go to lens!?

  2. Cool! Which camera?

    As to primes with VR? Hmmm, not sure. I'd say it would be a tough sell. Especially wide primes. The advantage to small primes is weight and portability. Adding VR adds weight, takes away some of that advantage. Also, wide lenses are easier to hand hold. Handholding a 200mm you can see even the slightest of hand-shaking/tremors. Also, they're heavy to begin with so adding VR isn't as noticable.

    Having said that... you never know!

  3. D90, with the kit lens, 18-105 VR, both have been "field tested" heavily at my newspaper! plus once you break down the cost, the lens is a serious deal considering the build quality & VR! My success rate for tack sharp images under almost any lighting condition has greatly increased with this lens!

    I think the weight of a prime wouldn't bother me, b/c my old film cameras were hefty, but I love a small, compact SLR that travels well, and draws little attention to it'self...think Paris at night, dark streets, small camera in your jacket, 20mm fixed lens with VR- the result sharp candid moments caught at a 10th of a second...b/c after that the moment was lost!!

    Cheers amigo- Jeremy