Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bright Lights in the Sky

So... a cool celestial event the other night.

I answered a knock at the door and was dragged outside into the frosty night air by my neighbor John Fink to join the others who were out on the sidewalk oohing and aahing and pointing to the dusky southwest sky. Turns out there was a Venus and Jupiter conjunction. Who knew? Well, thankfully, Tom Pike knew! It will be 2012 the next time they get this close together. And who knows what I'll be doing then!

The extra cool thing about this one, though, is that the moon was also nearby, making for a fairly rare night-sky visual.

Mucho thanks to my friends Tom and Georgette and John and Fay for getting my ass off the couch for this photo! Your 5X7s are on order.



  1. Very cool Mike. I completely missed it. :( I'll right 2012 down on a small piece of paper here on my desk so I'll remember the next time. ;-)

  2. Beautiful sight!

    I was watching the news when Doug Hill mentioned the gathering. I went outside and the 3 were framed by the house and garage roof. Nice image!

  3. I see a huge get-together happening in 2012! Preferably some place with warm, clear skies.

    Be there!

  4. I notice Teresa went outside. Does this mean Bob missed yet another celestial event?

  5. Mike, I'm so glad you caught this! I was the first one to notice the crazy planets when we were on the boat! Great pic!

  6. Thanks Meg. Lucky for me I have very thoughtful neighbors!