Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary! Joyeux Anniversaire! יובל שמח

It has been one year--one spectacularly spectacular year!--since Kircher's Conceit first appeared in the great ether that is the Intertubes.

What a year, what a year! 2,409 visits from 362 absolute unique visitors from 37 different countries. From Colombia to Canada, from Saudi Arabia to Serbia, from India to Italy, from the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates to the good ol' United States of America! How cool.

A very warm thank you from all our staff. In the coming year we'll continue to plow on as if we're really an important stop for all of you; we'll continue to delude ourselves that what we post is actually photographically entertaining and, possibly, ever so slightly, enlightening. We'll also continue to speak in plural pronouns--as if there is really more than one human being behind all this!

Have a good holiday season.



  1. Congrats there buddy, it has been a good year. I guess if a year is up for you it should be up for me soon too. I'll have to check.

    Anyway, here's looking for another good year of interesting photos and stories.


  2. Yes indeed. Thank you brotherman!

  3. MK,

    Congrats on a year of really sharp work.

    Hope to catch up via phone one day soon. Lot's of ideas running through my head. I landed that job I was telling you about, which really turns my opportunities around! Good stuff. More on that later.

    Talk soon, Cheers, Jeremy

  4. Thanks Jeremy! Look forward to chatting soon. And congrats to you on that new job. Sounded perfectly suited to you when we talked a while back. Should be a great chance to keep up your chops.

    Call anytime.

  5. staff?

    awesome page mike--helps take my mind off the day-to-day nonsense of airline travel...

  6. Jal,


    Staff: Me, Myself, and I!

    I think you should take that "day-to-day nonsense" and make a blog out of it. I miss your writing from Mont. Airpark. Patrick is a good guy and all, but the group emails are lacking that unique quality, that je ne sais quoi, that Jal-ness!

    Seriously, a blog, think about it!