Monday, September 29, 2008

On the Peculiarity of Being Documented.

Documenting people in their work environment is something I have been doing a fair amount of recently. I do more than just follow them around, I try to blend in. Be the proverbial fly on the wall. Capture the moments.

To not get in the way, but still be a part of it all, is the real challenge. These attempts to bring a little understanding, maybe a little meaning to some event is never easy, but it is rarely unenjoyable. I'm truly lucky to be doing what I do!

The other evening Rachel followed me down to the river with her Nikon D40 and did an her photojournalistic best documenting my assignment. I was there to do the final shoot for National Parks Magazine. They needed a couple portraits for the opening spread in the upcoming Winter issue.

Now, I have always wondered if people I cover are really able to tune me out, forget I'm there. I always do my best to get in there without being in there. To become part of the scene without taking it over.

The other night I think I remember being aware of Rachel's camera shutter on maybe two occasions. She came back with about 40 images. I was so wrapped up in what I was supposed to be doing I completely forgot her photographic presence. Good to know this. Gives a little perspective.

At any rate, below are a few choice images from that shoot.

All photos by Rachel Klein-Kircher (copyright 2008).


  1. Great work Rachel!!!

    Better look out Mike, the National Park Service my be asking Rachel to do their next shoot. ;-)


  2. Heh-heh... Yep, I realize I was taking a risk, but lame self aggrandizement took precedence.

  3. Nice shots Rachel!

    I believe you have a decent teacher.

    Love to both!

  4. Hey Brother! Good to see you behind the lens again-- hope Montgomery is treating you well.

    I spend 50% of my life in hotels now, so it's nice relax and read you again...

    Hope all is well!

  5. Jal! What timing you have. I just yesterday saw a feature on MPT (maryland public television) about Montgomery county and all that goes on and there's this woman taking a flying lesson and this really handsome dude as her teacher...and that voice...hmmm, I know that voice! Jal Mistry!

    So, you like to cook in your free time, eh? Well, forget the hotels, come back to DC and stay at the Klein-Kircher B&B and cook us something!

    Good to hear from you, brother. Drop in anytime!

  6. So I guess this means Rachel will also get published in this issue of the magazine! Impressive! -Jeremy