Thursday, September 25, 2008


As I mentioned earlier, I do on occasion make portraits.

Kirk Penberthy is a voiceover artist and actor. (His website... here.) Among other things he's had parts in Homicide-Life on the Street, The Wire and the movie The Contender. Also, if you watched last year's Super Bowl you most likely saw this Coke commercial. Kirk's the moderator with James Carville and Bill Frist as the guests.

We did a photo session the other day and Kirk is kind enough to let me blog about today. (Thanks dude.)

The outside shot was done simply with a single speedlight (Nikon SB800) with a mini-softbox attached to help diffuse the light on his face. The speedlight was on a stand at camera right about a 45 degree angle between the camera and Kirk.

The photo inside was done with an SB800 shot through an umbrella that was placed high, directly above the camera. A white reflector is at Kirk's waist level just out of the frame. This helps fill in any unwanted shadows created by the main light. In the background there was another speedlight aimed at an angle at the wrinkled blue fabric creating a little bit of a pattern.

Oh and in case you people don't remember, Kirk is the father of this cool little fellow! And, of course, husband to the cool little fellow's mama (Mariel!) in that very same post.

Anyway, thanks Kirk. Fun shoot!


  1. Thank you for posting these pictures in your blog. Kirk was my uncle (my father's brother) and I have been missing him a lot lately. I google his name from time to time and saw your blog link. Although seeing his picture made me sad, it also made me happy. So thank you..

    1. Dear April. So nice to hear from you. My wife Rachel and I absolutely loved Kirk. He was a dear, dear friend. Spent many Xmas Eve's with him and Mariel and occasionally your Grandmother and Aunt Margie at their house in Chevy Chase. Rachel and Kirk met many years back in an acting class and remained friends. In fact we'll be seeing Mariel and the two T's this Friday! Glad you found these photos. We miss Kirk everyday.

      Hope you are well. Say hi to your dad and mom for me.