Monday, July 28, 2008

Deer Skull

A little experimentation with lights, light modifiers and gels.

I got this skull from brother Bill.  He has a garage full!  Today it resides on our shed door in the backyard.  You may remember it being featured in an earlier post about morning light. (see here) You may also remember our last Xmas card?

It wasn't in my possession for long before I knew I'd try to find some weird and interesting way to shoot it.  I was doing a lot of experimenting at the time with off camera lighting thanks to David Hobby at Strobist.  I had also recently acquired a second SB800 flash unit and really couldn't wait to get at it.  There are many versions of this photo that didn't quite work.  But much "chimping" and adjusting and readjusting eventually got me to this.


There are just two flashes:  One to camera right, up high, snooted to limit spillover and CTO gelled.  The other light was camera left with a CTB gel and I believe was also snooted (hard to remember now, but it does look like it!)

I think this makes about three posts regarding deer and not one has been of a healthy live creature.  I intend to change this trend soon!


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  1. Very cool and very appropriate timing. I'm hosting the challenge on DPR Samples and Galleries and the topic is Creative Lighting. ;-)

    You should check it out.