Friday, March 7, 2008

Wilson Bridge Project. Update.

Update... I knew that somewhere in my archives there were a couple more shots from the bridge! So... here you go!
So here's a view of the bridge you won't often see! I'm standing between the two spans. The span on the left is still under construction. The one on the right has traffic--obviously--zipping right along.

Nothing photographically interesting about it. Just thought I'd share another of the cool places I get to access with my job.

Hope all is well. Have a great weekend, everybody.


  1. Next time try to take the picture when it’s not so cloudy and watch you horizon and a faster shutter speed you will stop the motion of the truck and capture it in full focus. Nice try anyway. Keep it up.

    LOL... Just kidding of course. ;-) Cool shot.

  2. sweet picture! hey, i got my camera - now i need to find the time to learn how to use it!

    talk soon...

  3. Heya MK,
    unfortunatley the job is one of those "no specs's" put a number on this and make up what we want you to do" things..probably a waste of time even going on the walk through, but I'll keep you posted if it comes to pass as a REAL job...Joe

  4. Thanks Joe. Nice pics by the way!

  5. and to this the D40X??....ask MK about the dead guy mode I found on mine...(LOL)...hit the review button twice after you take a photo, on mine a creepy face in repose comes up..( or check my blog for the "nikon dead guy mode" post...
    and HAPPY CLICKIN'...J