Sunday, March 2, 2008

Interesting Light.

This is my pal Bob. We're enjoying a few pints at the Dubliner in DC with our better halves. That dappled look is from the pub lights reflecting off the Guinness mirror on the wall behind me. I waited for him to move just enough so the light was over his eye, then clicked away.

Keep your photography eyes open. Cool light is everywhere.


  1. that is one handsome fellow:)

  2. Cool pic Mike. Did you use auto WB or set it manually? Flash at all? Gelled?

  3. Bob-- Why yes. Yes he is!

    Rob-- No flash. I set the WB manually to "daylight." Which is around 5400K. The lights in the pub are incandescent... auto WB would have cleaned it up, destroyed that warm pub-like atmosphere. In settings like this I always set my WB manually. Often going up to 6000K. If that looks too warm I can back it off in post. But in any case, never "auto."