Saturday, February 9, 2008

Avuncular Duties.

Babysat the little Q-bug last night. She really is a joy. When she says my name it just absolutely crushes me! So sweet. And for some reason she thinks Rachel and I are swell, too. Go figure!

She and Rachel played with pretty much every toy in the house and there are a lot of toys! Many of them are behind the couch, so she climbs up there and points and says, "Mine." Rachel touches a toy and says, "This one?" She shakes her head and continues pointing saying, "Mine," until Rachel randomly falls upon the correct item. Very cute...until you tire of it and then decide OK here are the toys we're playing with tonight, deal! (So, OK, that was me...not Rachel.)

Anyway, she's a lovely little girl and I can't wait to watch her grow into an adolescent, then teenager, then young woman...and so on.

Oh, and she loves her kitties. Everytime one saunters into the room..."Hi kitty!" Terribly cute

The shot above was a quick grab shot (I do that a lot!) Slow shutter speed with a little fill flash gives it that cool sense of motion. Oh and that's Tiki with her.


  1. you say such nice things about my kid... i hope she always touches your heart the way she does at this young age!