Thursday, February 7, 2008

Afternoon Coffee.

Cup o' Joe. Java. Mud. Sludge. High Test. Cuppa. Mud Puddle Buzz. Cafe. Caffe. Coffee!

Hey, did you know that coffee is good for you? Well, it is. (See Here.) Can there be any better news than that? Nope! Well, many of us are still hanging on to that old notion that it dehydrates you? Turns out that's not so. So the news can get better! Cool.

I am, at this very moment, enjoying my daily afternoon cuppa. Dark french roast (and I mean dark. Just ask my brother!) with a little cream (real cream, not milk) and a splash of hazelnut syrup (thanks Jess!) And oh my god does it ever satisfy!

Well, as I was kicking back waiting for it to brew, I noticed the afternoon sun streaming through the blinds. So I grabbed my favorite coffee mug (a true Diner mug!) and placed it in a certain spot on our pub table and shot away. I cranked up the in-camera contrast so as to black out the background...looking, as always, for a little drama. It's just a quick grab shot (the earth rotates so fast!), but I like it.

So anyway, here's to your health! However you enjoy your caffeine kick... cream and sugar, black, cappuccino, latte, iced, what have you...feel free to truly enjoy it! Guilt free.


  1. All things in moderation...

    Great shot.

  2. that is a really sweet shot - now put a bottle of Coke there, and you have my sweet spot!