Saturday, December 1, 2007

That guy's upped his game, now up yours!

Tomorrow you are going to be a better photographer. Whether you are fairly advanced, simply a weekend hobbyist or just happen to have a camera you break out once or twice a year for birthdays and holidays, after you read this (and, importantly, put it to practice) your game will improve. You don't need to take a class or attend a workshop. You don't need to buy a new camera or lens. You don't need to learn a brand new photographic technique. It's very simple. Ready? Here it is: Edit! That's right. Cut down the number of photos you show people. Some of them you can keep for yourself, most of them can be deleted. Yes, deleted! Get rid of them. People blinking, out of focus, blurred, hand shake. All these can be jettisoned. I know it's not easy for some to do this but get in the habit anyway. You'll save room on your computer hard drive and those who look at your pics will genuinely appreciate it. Also, we humans need variety. So, sending out 25 shots of junior making his first poopy on the potty is excessive to say the least. Pick one (two tops) and get rid of the rest. (Or save them on a CD so you can use them to embarrass him on his first Prom date!) If you take a weekend holiday down at the shore and you return with 100 photos in your camera, take that extra half hour or so to really go through them all and edit. Once you get it down to a manageable level go one step further before sending them to friends and family and get it down to 10 really good ones. 10 different photos. That's it. Do this and over night people will think you've seriously upped your game. We'll get into more fun ways of improving your photography in the coming days, but for now just get serious about editing. Til then, Cheers.


  1. Great advise! This will definitely help us clean out our computer. We came back from Europe with 1500 photos!! Our goal is to get it down to around 250.

  2. M & B--

    Holy cow! You've got your work cut out for you. But this can be cathartic. Sometimes there's just nothing like throwing shit out! Whether it's cleaning out an old junk filled room or, in your case, clearing out a little space on the HD. Feels good!

  3. such excellent advice - i'll never take it. oh, my intentions are good, but no - i can't do it. can't delete all 25 shots of quinn putting her hat on (i know you were referring to me!) i'm guilty, i admit it, and i'm quite sure i won't change. bad, bad me!

  4. There are so many people who would benefit from this. Not singling out anyone. I'll bet Rob thought I was talking about him, too.

    And by the way, I have much that needs to be culled as well. It's sooo easy to just load the images and move on.

    But I am working on it.

  5. Roxanne,

    He beats me up about it all the time too so don't feel singled out. You never know when you might need that one shot right? ;-)

  6. "f you take a weekend holiday down at the shore and you return with 100 photos in your camera, take that extra half hour or so to really go through them all and edit."

    You know.... that is totally impossible for me to do :-) I have over 500 from a 4 day trip to Disney.. I'm a photo pack rat.

    I'm going to Costa Rica for 9 days.... I'm going to need a new computer to hold the pics I'm gonna bring home!!