Friday, November 30, 2007

Greetings and Welcome.

Hello all. "Another blog? Really?" Ah, why the hell not? This is just another chance to keep in touch, talk shop, and maybe share a photo tip or two with whomever whenever. "I wonder how long it'll take before he tires of it and abandons this altogether?" That's what you're thinkin'...I know! That's alright, I've asked myself the same question. Time certainly will tell. Meanwhile, let's just see where it goes. In the beginning it'll probably be all over the freakin' place. Little of this, little of that...random commentary, spastic exhortations, photographic chaos. (I really don't even know what any of that means but it should give you a feel for what to expect.) Anywho... I'll be back with an actual photo specific post very soon. Well... I'm hopeful. Til then, feel free to take advatage of the comments section and ask any questions or make any remarks that may happen bubble up in your head. Cheers!


  1. yay! you joined the rest of us bloggin' dorks! welcome!

  2. Wahoo. Something else for me to read while I'm supposed to be working.

  3. Roxanne,

    Believe it or not you were one of my inspirations. Love your blog!


    Glad to be of help!

  4. This is funky. Do you know that the page is automatically coming up in French? OK, everyone's comments are not coming up in French, but the website sees our IP address and the permanent stuff comes up in French. Par example:

    Enregistrer un commentaire sur: Kircher's Conceit.

    Roxanne a dit...

    Cool, eh? Now if I could just show the Parisians that my original IP is in Kansas and get them to automatically switch to English.

    I'm rambling. Great site.

  5. are my Dad's clone! How lucky for you. I will be flipping on to 'Kircher's Conceit' each day I am near a computer.

    Thanks for your help.

    Love, Aunt Teresa

  6. Bonjour Angela!

    C'est Francais? Google est tres excellent!

    Hope the upheaval in Paris isn't too close to your neck of the woods!

    Hugs to Matt.

  7. Your FAVORITE cousin on your wife's side will also check in :-)

    You better pick the right one!


  8. Lisa Hope!

    Glad to see you pop in. Priscilla Presley looks like Nosferatu's daughter! Ugh.

    Hey, I think you still owe me that awesome photo you took of the girls!

  9. Cool, I love checking out everyone's blogs. This one should be very interesting. Can't wait for the next one.

  10. Thanks PK.

    I'm hopeful this experiment will grow into something that is at least a little interesting...and maybe even fun.

  11. Now, as you know fishing season is RIGHT round(baby) the corner and we must get a pic of the fish jumping without all the spray!? Hell, from what I am seeing and hearing it is just as likely to be THE Snakehead! Very cool by the way, keep it up.

  12. Thanks man. I do intend on using one of your shots for a later post. Maybe sooner rather than later.

    Check back.