Monday, October 29, 2012

Climate Change and Frankenstorm...

Just 15 minutes ago, I received two texts from friends in NY. In two different parts of NY. They both had just lost power due to Hurricane Sandy ("Frankenstorm!"). My lights here in the DC area had been flickering around just that time as well. In fact we just heard a transformer blow in the distance, so it's just a matter of time before we lose power... like my friends. In New York.

Now think about that. People 250 some odd miles from each other are experiencing the effects of the same storm... at the same time! That's not usually what happens. Usually, a big storm will start south of here and over time works it way up the eastern seaboard creating difficulties as it goes. First DC, then Baltimore, then Philly, then Jersey, then NY... and so on.

Today, a massive swath of the eastern U.S. is getting hammered by the same monstrous storm at the same time! Remarkable.

Oh, and climate scientists are telling us to get used to it. We've juiced the system so much, extreme events like this are likely to happen more and more. Think about that while you sit in the dark, candles burning, food spoiling.

Things need to change folks. And soon.

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