Monday, June 11, 2012

Hangin' With a Friend

Jeremy Wade Shockley, staff photographer for the Southern Ute Drum takes a day off. He says I have to see Mesa Verde National Park. Who am I to argue?

Jeremy Wade Shockley with coffee at Upper East Side Coffee House.
Grab a strong cup of coffee for the road.

Drinking the last of his coffee, Jeremy Wade Shockley approaches the visitor center at Mesa Verde National Park.
Good to the last drop.

Jeremy Wade Shockley emerges from the cliff dwelling called Balcony House, Mesa Verde National Park.
Climbing out of Balcony House cliff dwelling.

Jeremy Wade Shockley silhouetted against a morning blue sky at Mesa Verde National Park.
Workin' it!

Jeremy Wade Shockley photographing the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park.
In the zone.

Daylight bathes Jeremy Wade Shockley as he climbs out of a kiva at Mesa Verde National Park.
Inside a kiva at Spruce Tree House dwelling. 
Jeremy Wade Shockley enjoys a cold beer at the Avalanche Coffee House and Bakery in Silverton, CO.
End of the day, enjoying a cold one.
(OK, yeah, different shirt, different day. Big deal. You get the idea! ;^})
Beautiful place, great day. Thanks, Jer!


  1. Excellent chronicling of the great adventure...

    Being the lover of all things Mexican, i.e. fine Tequila and tall, cold Coronas, I suppose this is an appropriate response to the small batch port we discovered in the mountain hamlet of Silverton.

    Nice stuff here!

  2. Good summer is almost gone!

  3. Summer's almost gone but you'd hardly know it from the weather! Haha. Thanks for giving to me the wonderful memories of Durango and environs.