Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In The Right Place...

Sometimes, a cool photo is just a cool photo. No special set up needed. No waiting for the "perfect" light. No contemplating compositional techniques. You find yourself in a good spot, something cool happens, you point and shoot... and voila. Groovy pic!

At least that's how I feel about this one. And to be honest, this wasn't a completely unexpected photo. A couple planes had already landed, I saw the orange flag, my guy was walking by, I quickly moved into position, anticipated the plane and there it is. 

Oh, and I applied a fun little post processing treatment to give it a little oomph. Anyway... to paraphrase some smart dude... it's best to be prepared when good things occur.



  1. Cool shot, I like it!

    Did you get the iPhone upgrade? I have heard some very good things about the camera's capabilities.

  2. ...on a side note, I really dig the pic of Seagull on the Potomac from your collection of Instagrams. Nice feel to it.

  3. thanks! And no, I'm still using the 3GS iPhone. Harvey's shooting with the 4GS I believe. I'm still waiting to see your stuff from the phone! ;^}