Saturday, October 1, 2011

An Evening At David Alan Harvey's Loft

Each year around this time Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey hosts two workshops at his loft in New York. Brooklyn, that is.  A grueling, sleepless week of shooting and editing, and re-shooting and re-editing, always capped off with a slideshow and party. Many of these have reached legendary status... or so I've heard.

It's been suggested that maybe this year would be the last for these Big Apple workshops and soirees. As I'd never before had the "Kibbutz" experience, I thought I'd make the trip before it was too late. Glad I did.

From the Kibbutz you can just see the new WTC.

Neighboring roof top.

Roof top debris.

Hmmm. I guess you just never know!

David Alan Harvey, texting.
OMG! WTF! ;^}

Zun Lee, a workshop student, and DAH.
Zun Lee, a workshop student, and DAH.

David Alan Harvey discussing afternoon light.
Harvey discussing afternoon light.

Frostfrog gets decorated.

Creating his "comic strip."

How many photographers does it take...

Zun Lee, Photographer.

Sarah Lengfield, Kurt's daughter.

In the cell phone glow.

Revelers after the show.

Ruckus and a friend.

Late night. Leaving.


  1. Very nice work Mike! Very nice...wish I could have been there.

    Perhaps there will be a next year!

  2. Gracias, amigo! By the way, got into conversation with Harvey, Frostfrog and Kurt... your name came up, they all commented on your portrait of DAH. Really liked it! Just thought you'd like to hear that.

  3. That's great! Brings a smile to my face for sure...your portrait (above) in the Kibbutz is a damn fine photograph. Good times for sure.

    I have been on the go lately, hope to catch up soonest...