Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi folks. Just a quick note to let you know I've done a little bit of a refresh on my main website. On the front page and in DC and Canal galleries... new images abound! Pop on over and have a look. Thoughts, critiques and artistic thrashings are welcome.

Many thanks to my friend Jeremy Shockley for his advice and encouragement! Cheers.


  1. Good set of photos. But be careful I see many brilliant photos overshadowed by other good photos which maybe should just be lovely private/family images. Definitely wild life is your strong point.
    "Great Blue Herons in a tussle
    above the rocks at the
    base of Great Falls." is absolutely first-class".
    Do I see William Albert Allard as a strong influence on your work or is that just my imagination?
    Keep on!

  2. Hi Paul.

    Thanks for the feedback. Always helpful!

    And hey, who isn't influenced by Allard? ;^}