Monday, February 7, 2011

iNcreasing iPhone iMagery of WashiNgton DC

Made the rounds a few days ago. Our beautiful, vibrant city.

This project I've taken on, the DC stuff... if nothing else, I've learned I would love to live the life of a flaneur. I lack the means, of course. But who knows... maybe... some day. Ha!

Meantime... I think a cobbling together of a decent number of these images and, you know, doing something with them... that would be worthwhile. Must work on that.

Til then... Cheers!


  1. You are starting to annoy me with these.... they are damn good.

    Now I know that you are going to want me to help edit them into an essay... right?!

  2. Thanks man! And hell yes! I'm going to need that help.

  3. Michael...
    That curved pavement and the unknown legs is great!

  4. Hey Paul. Thanks. I love the challenge that comes with trying to create interesting images with the iPhone.