Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Then and Now #8

margaret bourke-white steps, washington dc
Margaret Bourke-White began her career as an industrial/architectural photographer. Her many iconic images of U.S. industry tend to overshadow her later work as a photojournalist. She covered the liberation of Buchenwald in Nazi Germany with General Patton's troops. She covered Ganghi's release from prison. Before all this she photographed Dust Bowl migrants and shortly after she and her husband, novelist Erskine Caldwell, took on the South during the Great Depression and created You Have Seen Their Faces.

In 1934, however, she found herself on these steps about 500 feet west of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. I find myself driving past them a couple times a week. Today I decided to stop.

margaret bourke-white steps, washington dc

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  1. Interesting shot, nice rendition. How odd to walk on the footsteps of history...this is a notion that crosses my mind often as a photographer, traveler living in the present. -Jeremy