Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NW Washington DC

Strolling, meandering, exploring... the abstract beauty, the beautiful ugliness, that is the city.

one way sign, NW Washington DC dirty, lost glove in street washington national cathedral with overhead wires national cathedral archway with shadows abandoned pizza box on rock wall, washington DC dog poop, NW washington DC beer cans and coffee cup tossed on brick sidewalk, washington DC two ladies at national zoo looking at Przewalski's horses men's room toilets, national zoo benches in winter, national zoo bench at porpoise mural, national zoo construction worker in car mirror waitress at American City Diner, NW washington DC


  1. one way...or another...
    your vision is cool...

  2. Thanks Civi.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.


  3. Mike,

    I really like the arch (four from top) and the shots of the empty benches...especially the one with dolphins!

    The cat shot you posted above is also very cool in its own way...

    Hope all is well in life & projects. Talk soon. Jeremy

  4. Love the image of that bench at porpoise mural...perhaps that would be a nice place to try out Velvia?

  5. Hey Paul! thanks for stopping by. Velvia project on hold for a while. But yeah, this is good as any place to shoot it.