Monday, October 18, 2010

The Camera I Really Want.

I generally don't do gear talk. I mean, I actually love talking gear talk with other photogs, but in these pages I think it'd probably bore the crap out of just about everyone who regularly visits. (You're welcome!)

But today, just to have it on record, I'd like to offer my wish list to the camera company relevant to my needs... Nikon.

Dear Mr Nikon,

May I please have a camera that is no bigger or heavier (preferably even a tad smaller!) than the F100 was? With your D3s sensor in it? With a 100% view finder? Please? Pretty please?

Oh, and no video... seriously. I don't use it. I don't want it. I don't want to pay the cost. I realize it's become de rigueur for pretty much every goddamn camera made these days, and will be for the foreseeable future, but really... just this once, leave it out! I currently shoot with a D200 (two, in fact). Quality camera. Really love it. But it has its limitations. No need to go into all that now, but both are getting long in the tooth and an upgrade is probably in my future. And the camera described would be oh so nice! I realize something like this is probably not even in the pipeline yet, but it should be and it should be in the next year or so. If you could make this happen, that would be great.

Actually, if you create this camera... I will buy two, straight away, no questions asked. And you know what, I suspect, no... I know I am not alone! Build it, and we will buy! I promise.

Many thanks,

-Mike Kircher

(Now, does anyone know Mr Nikon's address?) ;^}

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  1. Amen on eighty-sixing the video, and yes, I will order a couple myself!