Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rain Much?

Last week the DC area was hit with a pretty major rain storm. Second in as many weeks in fact. (Missed the first one while on vacation.) This one did a pretty good job on upper Rock Creek along Beach Dr.

I threw on my Columbia rain jacket, drove to the closed-off area and then hoofed it. Keeping the camera dry was a fair chore. It did get wet of course, but thankfully no major breakdowns.

The road was clear for a tenth of a mile or so before it became thoroughly swallowed by the flood waters (see last photo, that's Beach Drive under all that!). The park resembled a cypress swamp as the tree trunks were several inches deep.

Power was lost, basements were flooded, cars were swept away, trees toppled. It's been an interesting year here in the mid-Atlantic. Largest snowfall in the winter, longest stretch of 90 degree weather this summer, and then all this... sheesh!

Mother Nature don't mess around, do she?!

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