Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Teaching and Learning

Joe McNally has put up a post called "Making Window Light." It's yet another of one of his informative posts, explaining in great detail how he works on the road. He continues to generously share many of his secrets about lighting, about how to travel light and still make images that will knock the socks off your client. All with great humor and wit.

The same is true in person, as I discovered when I attended one of his one day workshops last year. (see here) We all laughed quite a lot and learned even more. If you ever have the opportunity... take it! There'll be no regrets.

Go read the post linked above and learn some new groovy way to achieve that soft window light look with a few strobes. Then put it to practice. I intend to!

Meantime, I'd like to share a few images. After reading Joe's blog I was reminded of the many times I've made actual window light portraits. Most of my favorites were in front of one particular window in my home. Best look comes from cloudy days, but shade works as well. As long as no direct sunlight is coming through, you're good. (unless you really do want that, but that's another thing altogether)

In any case, here's to good light... and good teachers!


  1. MK,

    Gotta love window light..the quality is pure no matter if your shooting top executives in their high rise office or a farmer from the doorway of an African rondaval...soft naturally diffused light is wonderful.

    Speaking of Joe, I recently picked up a copy of Hot Shoe Diaries...Great resource for flash techniques on the go!!

    I will touch base when I get back from Canyon lands.....

    Cheers, Jeremy

  2. Good purchase! Can't wait to see some of the results.